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100% pure therapeutic aromatherapy grade essential oils

A true gift from nature to be treasured and enjoyed for aromatic or healing purposes

Essential Oils are the fragrant essences of plants in their purest, most concentrated state. Steam distilled, cold pressed or CO2 extracted, these Essential Oils are the plant's soul, extracted to bring The Essence of "Well-being" into your life.

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Code# Essential oils Aromatherapy effects
EO-0101 Aniseed - Spain
[Pimpinella anisum]
cheering, sense-enhancing
EO-0102 Basil - India
[Ocimum basilica]
clarifying, uplifting, energizing, refreshing
EO-0103 Bay - Morocco
[Laurus nobilis]
stimulating, inspiration and creativity
EO-0104 Bergamot - Ivory Coast
[Citurs bergamia]
uplifting, normalizing, confidence-building
EO-0105 Birch White - USA
[Betula alba]
soothing agent, muscle relaxant
EO-0106 Black Pepper - India
[Piper nigrum]
helpful for it's pain relieving qualities
EO-0107 Cardamom - India
[Elettaria cardamonum] 
grounding, balancing
EO-0108 Caraway Seed - France
 [Carum carvi]
helps to ease mental strain and fatigue.
EO-0109 Carrot Seed - Hungary
[Daucus carota]
nourishes, replenishes & restores
EO-0110 Cedarwood - China
[Cedrus deodorata]
strengthening, supportive, meditative
EO-0111 Cedarwood - USA
[Juniperus Virginiana]
strengthening, supportive, meditative
EO-0112 Chamomile Blue - Egypt
[Matricaria chamomilla] 
soothing, toning
EO-0113 Chamomile Roman - UK
[Anthemis nobilis]
calming, sedating
EO-0114 Cinnamon - Sri Lanka
[Cinnamonum zeylanicum]
very grounding
EO-0115 Citronella - Indonesia
[Cymbopogon nardus]
deodorant, stimulant 
EO-0116 Clary Sage - Hungary
[Salvia sclerea]
relaxing, balancing, euphoric
EO-0117 Clove Bud - Madagascar
[Eugenia caryophylatta]
stimulating, uplifting
EO-0118 Cypress - Austria
[Cupressus sempervirens]
stimulating, balancing
EO-0119 Eucalyptus Radiata - Australia
[Eucalyptus radiata]
purifying, invigorating
EO-0120 Fennel - Hungary
[Foeniculum vulgare]
energizing, toning
EO-0121 Frankincense - France
[Boswellia thurifera]
stimulating, toning, grounding
EO-0122 Geranium - Egypt
[Pelargonium graveolens]
normalizing, balancing
EO-0123 Ginger - India
[Zingiber officinalis]
strengthening, warming, anchoring
EO-0124 Grapefruit White - Israel
[Citrus paradisi]
refreshing, balancing, cheering
EO-0125 Helichrysum - Corsica
[Helichrysum Italicum] 
balances, calms & lifts mood
EO-0126 Ho Wood - China
[Cinnamomum camphora]
increases cellular regeneration to prevent pre-mature aging
EO-0127 Hyssop - France
[Hyssopus Officinal is]
warming, stimulating, balancing
EO-0128 Jasmine Absolute - India
[Jasminum officinale]
uplifting, balancing
EO-0129 Juniperberry - Croatia
[Juniperus communis]
relaxing, restoring
EO-0130 Lavender - France
[Lavandula augustifolium]
calming, relaxing, soothing, balancing
EO-0131 Lemon - Italy
[Citrus limonum]
uplifting, cheering, refreshing
EO-0132 Lemongrass - Guatemala
[Cymbopogon citratus] 
clarifying, vitalizing
EO-0133 Lime - Italy
[Citrus aurantifolia]
equalizing, refreshing, cheering
EO-0134 Litsea/May chang - China
[Litsea cubeba]
EO-0135 Mandarin - Italy
[Citrus nobilis]
balancing, uplifting
EO-0136 Marjoram - Spain
[Thymus masticina]
balancing, clarifying, comforting
EO-0137 Melissa - Italy
[Melissa officinalis]
soothing, comforting
EO-0138 Myrrh - France
[Commiphora myrrha]
toning, stimulating, soothing
EO-0139 Neroli - Tunisia
[Citrus aurantium]
stimulating, balancing, uplifting
EO-0140 Nutmeg - Indonesia
[Myristica fragrans]
energizing, stimulating, warming
EO-0141 Orange Sweet - Brazil
[Citrus sinesis]
uplifting, cheering, refreshing
EO-0142 Parsley - Hungary
[Petroselinum sativum]
Soothing, uplifting 
EO-0143 Palmarosa - India
[Cymbopogon matinii]
cleansing, vitalizing
EO-0144 Patchouli - Indonesia
[Pogostemun cablin]
soothing, toning
EO-0145 Petitgrain - Paraguay
[Citrus aurantium]
calming, restoring
EO-0146 Peppermint - USA
[Mentha piperita]
refreshing, cooling, vitalizing
EO-0147 Pine - Austria
[Pinus sylvestris]
refreshing, vitalizing
EO-0148 Rose Geranium - France
[Pelargonium graveolens]
uplifting, stimulating
EO-0149 Rose Absolute - Morocco
[Rosa centifolia]
cooling, balancing, calming, toning
EO-0150 Rose Otto - Bulgaria
[Rosa damascena]
cooling, balancing, calming, toning
EO-0151 Rosemary - Spain
[Rosmarinus officinalis]
energizing, stimulating
EO-0152 Rosewood - Brazil
[Aniba rosaedora]
relaxing and deodorizing
EO-0162 Ravenrasa - Madagascar
[Ravensara aromatica]
bactericide, antiseptic, antimicrobial, respiratory
EO-0153 Sage - Spain
[Salvia lavandifolia]
energizing, stimulating
EO-0154 Sandalwood - India
[Santalum album]
calming, grounding
EO-0155 Spearmint - USA
[Mentha spicata]
vitalizing, cooling, refreshing
EO-0156 Tangerine - Spain
[Citrus reticulata]
uplifting, cheering
EO-0157 Tea Tree - Australia
[Melaleuca alternifolia] 
cleansing, purifying, uplifting
EO-0158 Thyme - Spain
[Thymus vulgaris]
energizing, stimulating, toning
EO-0159 Vetiver - Indonesia
[Vetiveria zizanoides]
balancing, grounding
EO-0160 Yarrow - Hungary
[Achillea millefolium]
EO-0161 Ylang Ylang - Comores
[Cananga odorata]
sensual, alluring, euphoric


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