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All hydrosols are 100% distilled, non-alcoholic waters, straight from the still. They are safe for all & provide gentle, soothing relief for all sorts of skin conditions. They can be used to refresh, cleanse, & soothe irritations. They give relief from hot flashes & moisturize dry or chapped skin. Spray anytime as a refresher.
*Perfect for travel to keep from dehydrating, especially on planes.

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Product Benefit
Organic Lavender Hydrosol Soothing toning and antiseptic. Good for all skin types. Also it is a great aftershave.
Organic Orange Blossom Hydrosol Moisturizing and calming. It has a natural hydrating and balancing effect on the skin. Good for irritated, inflamed or dry skin.
Organic Rose Hydrosol Toning, hydrating and balancing. Good for normal to dry, sensitive and mature skin types. 
Chamomile Hydrosol Relaxing, reducing and soothing.  Beneficial for sensitive skin
Witch Hazel Improves skin tone, helps restore circulation and fights broken capillaries. It works as a astringent and is great for tired, sluggish, oily, dry, and infected skin

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