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Allow your skin to experience the healing, calming and rejuvenating benefits of Aromatherapy. The inclusions of powerful Essential Oils, Nature’s “life force”, in these formulas not only act as the preserving agent in the products, but also help rejuvenate skin cell production, tighten & tone, and balance and regulate the sebum. Beauty, however, is not just skin-deep. The condition of the skin expresses the overall health of an individual. A relaxed attitude, together with a well-balanced diet, enough exercise and a daily intake of plenty of water, all help to keep the system in top condition.

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Product Benefit
"Relax" Cleanser Lightweight cleanser, which effectively removes dirt, oil and makeup. Daily use helps to keep skin looking healthy and feels revitalized and rejuvenated
"Relax" Toner This gentle relaxing formula soothes and freshens in readiness for moisturizing. Leaves skin refreshed, refined and radiant.
"Relax" Lotion Lightweight in texture, yet concentrated in aromatic essentials to promote moisture balance. It helps alleviate signs of stress and fatigue, enhancing total well-being.
"Relax" Serum Helps improve texture and nourishes skin. Lightweight in texture yet helps minimize signs of wrinkling to help your skin look and feel softer and younger.
Goodbye Freckle Purifies the skin, brightens the complexion and reduces pigmentation spots. For best result, use before bed.
Eye Gel Reduces appearance of dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Daily use will hydrate & rebuild the thin skin around the eyes.
Eye Solution Nourish, repair, & protect the delicate skin tissue around the eye area.   For best result, use before bed.


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