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Designed for those of you too busy to fuss, yet want the convenience of Aromatherapy at your fingertips. Blended of 100% pure essential oils and natural carrier oils. Apply to the temples and wrists, behind the ears and knees to relieve stress at any moment or roll on to the tension points to intensely relax.

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Essential Oil Blends

Product Benefit
Bug Off Keep those pesky bugs away
Calm Soothing & Calming
Cold & Flu Relieving & Breathe Easy
Headache Reliever Cooling & Comforting
Love Alluring and Fascinating
Let Go Warm & Support
Peace Inner Peaceful & Comforting
Period Pain Restful & Comfort
Relaxing Balancing & Calming
Strength Strengthening & Uplifting
Soothing Relaxing & Soothing
Stress Relief Relaxing & Motivating
Uplifting Brightening & Freshening
Allergies & Hay Fever Antiallergenic & Anti-inflammatory


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