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Aromatherapy Consultation

Come and discuss your health and well being with a fully qualified Registered Aromatherapist and find out how essential oils can help you in your journey.   

There is an hourly charge of CAD60/hour, which includes a "Customized Blends"  with appropriate remedies.  "Customized Blends" created and designed for your unique tastes and needs.  

  • blends for Women
  • muscle and joint rubs
  • natural household cleaning
  • relief from Cold and Flu symptoms
  • skin care needs - personal care products
  • mood enhancements
  • intimacy oils
  • personal perfume design
  • emotional balancers
  • blends to enhance your spiritual practices
  • blends to compliment your Feng Shui adjustments

The finished product will be in the size you want, blended into either a carrier oil, base cream, spray, or left undiluted to suit your needs.  You will also have clear written directions on how to receive the most benefits from your blend.

Sessions either by appointment at office, 
or by email at

Isabel earned a Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition and is a fully qualified Registered Aromatherapist  and founder of Aroma Heals aromatherapy institute. She is offering her  years of Beauty and Aroma expertise to those who are seeking natural ways to assist the body in self healing. 
Her mission is to bring the essence of nature into your life by offering the purest botanical and organic ingredient based body care products to nurture your natural beauty, to refresh, calm, and inspire your body, mind and soul. 
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